Moose Country



Our debut App for iPhone, iPod and iPad is called Moose Country. The setting is rural, rich in green fields dotted with evergreens and blue skies. Resources are plenty, but the tourist season has done a number on the ditches and the revenue opportunity in collecting returnable bottles and cans is significant! Enjoy clocking some miles and going fast on the straight aways but beware of speed traps and most of all – Moose Xing!!

Jump the Moose!

Jump the Moose by flicking the Ipod upward quickly

The controls are simple with the BRAKE pedal on the lower left and the GAS pedal on the lower right corner of the screen. The intended position is landscape upright. Other controls are touch based and our favorite – the “upward flick” to either jump over obstacles or avoid falling through a broken bridge.

One of the sudden death aspects of the game is the sudden approaching of a moose that is preceded by a yellow Moose Xing sign appearing which gives you some advanced notice. Be ready as timing is everything. Mastering this one is pretty straightforward, but take note if you really want to rack up the points your bonus is larger if you are going faster!

Pause / Resume / Restart Menu

Pause / Resume / Restart Menu

The game allows you to stop playing anytime and resume later keeping your progress saved. You can also pause and then resume or start over from scratch if you choose. There is an in game help view which provides some quick highlights of the game objectives.

By collecting returnables in the form of bottles and cans along side the road (simply touch and drag them over your vehicle and release to collect) you can increase your bank account. Putting money in your bank is essential to being able to put gas in your tank and also to be able to unlock additional vehicles.

Slow down to 10MPH or less so you can pump gas

Slow down to 10MPH or less so you can pump gas

Once you have traveled some distance, and also put some money in your bank you will need to stop at a gas station and refill your tank. Simply make sure you slow down to 10MPH or less and the “Touch To Pump” sign will appear. Every click puts fuel in the tank but also takes $$$.

Jumping Bridges

Jumping Bridges

As the game progresses, you will encounter more and more moose to jump and also have to quickly react to a bridge falling out from under you. Jumping this bridge by flicking the Ipod up (sometimes more than once) is required to keep from falling in the abyss.

Have fun and keep an eye out for new vehicles, new scenery, new challenges in future updates!

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