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The long awaited new space shooter/puzzle challenge game is officially released! The initial release includes 21 levels. The initial levels are designed to familiarize you with the game play and unique characteristics of the world.

Initially your objectives are fairly simple, so you can play this game at a pace that’s comfortable for you.



From the start screen you can jump immediately to the level screen or go to options where you can adjust in game music and effects or reset the game to its original settings and clear your money and score.




levels-screenFrom the levels screen you can select and play the levels progressively, or return and repeat previous levels by clicking on the level. Replaying levels could allow you to improve your skills or increase the amount of in-game gold credits you have. The more credits you have, the more you can upgrade your ships guns, shields and thrusters. To upgrade your ship, click on the Upgrades button on the levels screen.


Upgrade ScreenFrom the upgrade screen if you have accumulated enough gold credits, you can purchase upgrades for your guns, shields and thrusters. You can also purchase Wingmen!


wingmenBtn05Wingmen when owned, assist you in whichever level you are playing. You deploy them by clicking on the Wingmen badge on the left side of the screen. They attack your targets and can make a big difference in your progress. They do eventually expire, as the more they shoot the more internal energy they expend and eventually self destruct.


ship-copperYou navigate your ship by using the virtual D-pad in the lower right corner of the screen. You fire your main guns two ways. Either by using the fire button (lower left corner of the screen) or by touching the screen anywhere in the direction you wish to aim. If you wish, both the D-pad and the fire button can be re-positioned by pausing the game and dragging them to your desired location. The pause button is in the upper right corner of the screen, and requires a touch-and-pull-down action to activate. This was done to prevent pausing the game unintentionally. From the pause screen you can also mute all sounds or cancel the game and return to the main menu.

On the rightmost edge of your screen you will notice a blue bar. This blue bar shows you what level thrusters you have. When at rest, your ship builds up a booster allowing you a short burst of thrusters at the level above the one you currently have. This can get you out of a tight place more quickly!


mini-mapThe min map is located in the upper left corner of the screen and allows you “see” beyond the constraints of the screen. This tool can be useful in finding gold deposits, enemies and even avoiding rocks!


active-gunsThe enemy ships in this game come in 4 flavors. Green, yellow, purple and red. The catch is, you must pickup at least one gun of the same color to equip your ship to be able to shoot and destroy enemies of that color. Once a gun color is picked up, you can disable that color from being shot from your guns by pressing on that color in your guns selected bar at the top of the screen. This is helpful in at least one level where instead of shooting at a particular enemy you must protect it.


powerup-shieldPu-green In a similar fashion to the color matching on the guns and enemy ships, your shields color must match the color of the enemy that is shooting at you. For example to defend yourself against green enemy fire you must have a green shield. Picking up a new color shield however changes your shield entirely, so if you change your shield color it might protect you against a new color enemy but also makes your more vulnerable to the other enemy colors.


rock01Rocks or asteroids as they are sometimes referred to, come out hitting hard! In fact you don’t get any second chances. One hit against a rock means your ship is destroyed and the level is over. Rocks can be destroyed when shot at only if you have acquired ALL gun colors and only if they are all active. Shooting at rocks may cause them to splinter and cause MORE rocks to have to be eliminated.


ship-shields-activated-copperWhen owned, the copper shield is the most coveted resource in the game. The copper shield has the unique ability to defend against enemy fire from ALL color enemies. It also allows your ship to collide with rocks without immediately being destroyed.

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