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Introducing CatzPlay a game for cats!



First and foremost, please be advised that this is not a game made for people to play. This is not to say you might not be amused or even slightly entertained by the stunning images, graphics, animations or music (ok the music is probably more for humans) but we really went to great lengths to make this a game for cats and kittens. As cat lovers ourselves we spent several hours made several tweaks to every aspect of this application to achieve maximum responses and reactions from our feline friends. Bear in mind that all cats are unique and can actually be in different moods at different times. We are confident however based on our extensive testing that your cat should find this game entertaining.


Turn your device into a shallow brook pool complete with shimmering blue water, the perfect place for our happy little orange fish to do his dancing! Your cat will be mesmerized by the realistic movement of the fish as he dives, darts, splashes and swirls about. If your cat’s reflexes are quick enough a properly placed paw will render the fish helpless as he fades away only to spawn another happy fish ready to entertain again!


What could be more fun and or challenging for your cat than having an overly confident mouse make his way about the screen, scurrying about hiding just off the edges of the screen or under the wedge of cheese center stage. Equipped with realistic mouse squeaking sounds and a fun soundtrack this level will surely become one of your cat’s favorites!


What cat doesn’t love the classic allure of the red glowing aura and mysterious agility of the laser pointer cat toy? This level couples our realistic AI movement with crisp images and an HD background that is sure to keep your cat interested for hours. CAUTION: This level has been known to cause some cats to be a little more aggressive with some softer device screen protectors and cases.


Featuring an animated bright blue ( A color known to be visible to most cats) butterfly, that seems to bounce about the tall grass background as if to lure and tease your cat into a pouncing and kneading frenzy! This level can be both exciting and calming for some cats. We hope you enjoy it!



The layout of our game is really quite simple. We created a series of complex AI movement scripts and assembled them to simulate real-life movement. Depending on the theme of the particular level, we then added specific adjustments to refine the characteristics. In most all cases you can simply start the app, choose a level, present your cat with our app on a tablet (or phone) and let it run. It will run in an automatic mode without the need for human intervention. However if you like playing “with” your cat, you can tap anywhere on the screen and our “actor” will spring into action and head toward the tap event.


We designed a special but simple unlock swipe detection feature into each level. Once a level is started, you can only exit the level by swiping from the left edge of the screen to the right edge of the screen without lifting your finger. This should return the game to the main menu. We should mention that in test a few of our more sophisticated testers cats managed to do this on their own and we had to increase the length of the swipe a bit. If for some reason your cat finds a way to bypass the “lock” let us know so we can continue to work on improving this feature.


Our goal is you and your cats ultimate satisfaction. While we have invested a great deal in the development of this application and are confident in its performance, we look forward to hearing from you. Please let us know what we are doing right, and of course let us know if you have any concerns or suggestions on how we might make it even more awesome!

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